Tools Needed

*3/4″ socket
Sealers/ Lubricants
*2 flat blade screwdrivers

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Installing the Short Yoke


1.1 First determine the length. The newer style is 9-9/16″. The older style is 8-1/8″. If you have an older style you will need to change it.

1.2 Remove the clips that hold the u-joint together. Usually pushing on it with a screwdriver will do the trick. You may need to use a screwdriver on both sides.

1.3 After the clips are out, tap the u-joint one direction until you can remove the cup on the opposite side. Use a suitable socket so you do not hit the yoke with the hammer.

1.4 Use a small pick or screwdriver to remove the seal if it has stuck to the u-joint.

1.5 Now, using a socket of appropriate size, pound the u-joint the other direction.The purpose of the socket is so that you don’t hit the u-joint post with a hammer. You want the socket to fit over the post and to contact the body of the u-joint before the post.


2.1 Now with the yoke out the way we can start reassembly. Install both u-joint cups on the u-joint and check to make sure they rotate smoothly. Then if all is okay, take them off. If it rotates rough, most likely it will have to be replaced.

2.2 Install the yoke over the posts of the u-joint.

2.3 Insert both u-joint cups while centering the yoke.

2.4 Now tap the u-joint together. You may be able to tap one side in all the way and put the clip in, or you may need to tap each side in a little bit at a time. You want to be able to get both clips in.

2.5 Now with both clips in, turn the yoke and see if it turns okay. If it is stiff you can try hitting one of the u-joint cups. If it is still stiff, try hitting the opposite side. That should clear it up. Now you will need to grease the u-joints using a grease gun, and grease approved for u-joints.