Tools Needed:

Ÿ*5/8″ socket
*Ÿ9/16″ socket
*Ÿ1/2” socket
*Ÿ3/8” socket
*Ÿ1-1/16 socket

*Ÿ5/8″ wrench
*Ÿ1/2″ wrench

Sealers/ Lubricants
*ŸSilicone sealant
*ŸGear lube
*ŸGear lube pump
*Ÿ3/8” Allen key


While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of these guides, SEI assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from use of the information contained herein. Publication of the procedures in these guides does not imply approval of the manufacturers of the products covered. Persons engaging in the procedures herein do so at their own risk.

STEP 1 Removing The Old Lower Unit

1.1 Shift the remote control into neutral. Tilt the drive up enough that the driveshaft will clear the exhaust housing when being removed (about 45 degrees).

1.2 Bend the tabs up on the propeller nut lock tab (see arrow). Place a block of wood between the blades of the propeller and the bottom of the cavitation plate. Remove the nut using a 1 1/16” socket. Remove the propeller and thrust washer.

1.3 Some boats use the pitot pickup in the drive for their speedometer. If your boat does, you will need to disconnect it before removing the drive. It will be alongside the shift shaft (arrow). The unit pictured above does not use the gearcase pitot.

1.4 Remove the small cover pictured above. Under it you will find the bolt attaching the trim tab. Newer models use a 1/2” hex head, while some older units use a 3/8” allen head. Remove the bolt and trim tab.

1.5 Below the trim tab is bolt which must be removed. On newer models it will be 18mm. On older models it will be 9/16”.

1.6 Using a 5/8” wrench or socket, remove the nut from the forward stud (red arrow). Next, remove the two nuts from each side of the unit using a 5/8” wrench (green arrow).

1.7 Using a 5/8” socket, remove the two lower nuts (arrows). Use caution as these are the last two nuts holding the gearcase to the midsection. The unit may fall off if you are not holding it. Remove the unit and set it aside.

STEP 2 Installing he SE206

2.1 Transfer the water pump guide tube from your old drive to the SE206 unit (green arrow). If your unit uses the gearcase pitot for the boat’s speedometer, remove the hose nipple from your old gearcase and transfer it to the new SE206 unit (red arrow).

2.2 Apply silicone sealant to the top of the filler block (green arrow). Apply waterproof grease to the three studs (red arrows). Apply waterproof grease to the splines of the shift shaft (yellow arrow).

2.3 Apply grease to the splines of the driveshaft (arrow). Be sure not to get any grease on the top of the driveshaft splines.

2.4 Insert the trim tab bolt into the rearward of the two holes at the back of the SE206 unit (arrow).

2.5 The gearcase needs to be shifted into forward. Turn the shift rod (arrow) clockwise while turning the propshaft counter clockwise. You will feel the propshaft lock into position when the forward gear position is reached. The shift shaft will no longer be able to turn clockwise as well. In forward gear, when  you turn the driveshaft clockwise; the propshaft will turn clockwise.

2.6 Remove the engine cowling to gain access to the shift cable. Unclip the cable barrel retainer (red arrow). The upper cable is for the throttle. Move the throttle cable barrel out of the holder and move the cable out of your way. The lower cable is the shift cable. Using a 3/8” socket, loosen the shift cable retainer (green arrow). Remove the cable. Push the retainer all the way towards the front of the boat. The shift rod is now in the forward gear position.

2.7 Insert driveshaft into the midsection and raise the gearcase towards the mounting surface. If your boat uses the pitot in the gearcase for the speedometer, you will need to pass the hose through the hole with the shift shaft. The water tube (red arrow) will need to line up with the water pump guide tube on the gearcase. The shift shaft in the midsection (green arrow) will need to line up with the shift rod in the gearcase. The splines of the driveshaft must line up with the splines in the crankshaft. If the driveshaft will not align with the crankshaft splines, place a rop on the propshaft and turn it counter clockwise. This will turn the driveshaft until alignment is achieved.

2.8 Place flat washers on the two studs facing upward and hand tighten two nuts onto the threads (red arrow). Check to make sure that the shift rod is not bound up (green arrow). If the shift shaft is bound, slide the shift cable retainer (under engine cowling) back and forth slightly until the shafts align. Once everything is aligned, install washers and nuts on the two studs facing downward (white arrow) and tighten all four nuts in an alternating pattern. Torque the nuts to 50 lb-ft.

2.9 Install the bolt under the trim tab and torque it to 41 lb-ft. Install the washer and nut on the stud at the front of the unit and torque it to 50lb-ft.

2.10 Align the trim tab. Using a 1/2” socket, torque the bolt through the access hole, to 34 lb-ft.

2.11 Re-attach the pitot hose from the drive to the one from the mid-section, if your boat is equipped with this option. If you did not purchase new upper anodes with your SE206, remove the ones from your old drive and re-install on the SE206.

2.12 Apply water proof grease to the propshaft. Reinstall the thrust hub (arrow). Slide the prop onto the propshaft.

2.13 Slide the splined washer (red arrow) onto the propshaft. Make sure the splines of the washer align with the splines of the propshaft. Slide the tab washer (green arrow) on next, followed by the nut (black arrow). Torque the nut to 50 lb-ft. Bend three of the lock tabs into the top of the splined washer. If three of the lock tabs are not aligned, slightly tighten the nut until they do. Do not loosen the nut to align the tabs.

2.14 Tilt the drive downward until the cavitation plate is parallel with the ground. Remove the lower drain plug and the upper vent plug. Pump gear lube into the unit slowly until lube seeps out of the upper vent plug (arrow). Reinstall the upper vent plug. Remove the pump hose adapter and reinstall the drain plug.

2.15 Slide the shift and throttle cable barrels into the holder (red arrow). Attach the end of the shift cable to the guide block(green arrow). Tighten down the guide block anchor. Close the latch over the barrel holder.cable

2.16 Your SE206 gearcase is now ready to use. Follow the break in procedure which came with the unit.