If you have a twin engine boat with either SE106 or SE116 style out drives, you may have a counter rotation unit on the port side.

The easiest way is to confirm that is to look at the prop. If the direction of the blades is the same on both props then they are both standard rotation. If the direction of the blades is different then you have a counter rotation on the port side. If you currently have two standard rotation drives you can upgrade the port side to be counter rotating.Counter Rotation

There are a couple of modifications you will need to make. The first change will be changing the throw of the port shifter at the helm. You will need to remove the remote control to do this. If you are uncomfortable doing this, then seek the help of a qualified mechanic. If you are familiar with removing the drive, it is important to note that after doing this modification you will need to put the shift lever into reverse when removing or installing the drive.

The other change you will need to make is getting a prop that has opposite rotation. If you are lucky you can buy the exact same prop, only LH rotation. If they do not make it, you will need to buy two new props, one LH and one RH. You don’t want to put two different style props on the boat.

It is important to never switch the drives between port and starboard. The drives will not handle the load. When you order a counter rotation unit from us, it will have a red tag attached to the lower unit. If you get the units confused the only way to tell is by looking at the bearing carrier. You should be able to see the part number of 97-102-06 on the bearing carrier for the standard rotation in location indicated by the blue arrow. If you still have problems identifying it feel free to give us a call with the SEI serial number and we can verify it for you.