Replace The Propeller:

Hold the propeller blade and loosen the propeller nut using the prop spanner supplied or a set of needle nose pliers. Remove the propeller nut. Pull the Propeller Straight off. If prop is stuck, grasp one blade with one hand and tap on the backside of the opposite blade lightly with a rubber mallet, until the propeller comes off. If the propeller pin is bent, replace it. Align the new propeller with the propeller pin. Reinstall the propeller nut and tighten firmly by hand, tighten with spanner another 1/4 turn.Propeller


Do not strike bent prop pin with hammer to remove pin. Damage to motor armature may occur that would not be covered by warranty.


1. Check behind the propeller after each day for weeds, fishing line or other debris that may get wrapped behind the propeller.

2. Lubricate all the pivot points with a non-aerosol lubricant. Never use an aerosol lubricant as many types contain harmful propellants that can cause damage to various parts of your electric motor.

3. Check tightness of the battery lead connections.

4. Visually check condition of main battery cables.

5. Inspect for loose or corroded wiring connections.

6. Always thoroughly rinse your electric outboard motor with fresh water after every use in salt water. Only rinse the areas that have been in contact with salt water, avoid getting the top cover wet as this may damage the circuitry inside.

7. Inspect for tightness of all nuts, bolts and screws.

8. Recharge batteries after each use. Follow the battery manufacture’s recommendations for battery maintenance.

9. During freezing temperatures, when your electric motor is not being used, it should be stored in an area where it will not freeze.

10. Never connect the wire with wrong battery terminal. You must disconnect the battery during maintenance.