The performance of a boat and outboard motor will be critically affected by the size and type of propeller you choose. Propellers greatly affect boat speed, acceleration, engine life, fuel economy, and even boating and steering capabilities. An incorrect choice could adversely affect performance and could also seriously damage the engine. Use the following information as a guide for selecting a propeller that meets the operating conditions of the boat and the outboard motor.

Propeller Size

The size of the propeller is indicated on the propeller blade or outside of the propeller boss.

a.) Propeller diameter (in inches)
b.) Propeller pitch (in inches)
c.) Propeller type (propeller mark)

Propeller Selection

When the engine speed is at the full throttle operating range (5,000–6,000 r/min), the ideal propeller for the boat is one that provides maximum performance in relation to boat speed and fuel consumption.

Regular Rotation Model

Regular Rotation Model









Counter Rotation Model

Counter Rotation Model









Predelivery Checks
To make the delivery process smooth and efficient, the predelivery checks should be completed as explained below.

Checking the Fuel System

1. Check that the fuel hoses are securely connected and that the fuel tank is full with fuel.Fuel System

This is a 4-stroke engine. Do not use premixed fuel and 2-stroke outboard motor oil.

Checking the Gear Oil

1. Check the gear oil level.Gear oil

Checking the Engine Oil

1. Check the oil level.Engine Oil


• If the engine oil is above the maximum level mark (H), drain sufficient oil until the level is between (H) and (L).
• If the engine oil is below the minimum level mark (L), add sufficient oil until the level is between (H) and (L).

Recommended Engine Oil

4-Stroke Motor Oil
API: SE, SF, SG, SH, or SJ
SAE: 10W-30 or 10W-40

Oil Capacity
Without oil filter replacement: 5.8 L (6.1 US qt, 5.1 Imp qt)

Checking the Battery
1. Check the capacity, electrolyte level, and specified gravity of the battery.

Recommended Battery Capacity:
CCA/SAE: 512 A
RC/SAE: 182 Minute

Electrolyte Specified Gravity:
1.280 at 20 °C (68 °F)

2.  Check that the red and black battery cables are securely connected.