Checking the Outboard Motor Mounting Height

1. Check that the anti-cavitation plate is aligned with the bottom of the boat. If the mounting height is too high, cavitation will occur and propulsion will be reduced. Also, the engine speed will increase abnormally and cause the engine to overheat. If the mounting height is too low, water resistance will increase and reduce engine efficiency.outboard motor mounting height

The optimum mounting height is affected by the combination of the boat and the outboard motor. To determine the optimum mounting height, test run the Yamaha Outboard Motor at different heights.

2. Check that the clamp brackets are secured with the clamp bolts.

Checking the Remote Control Cables

1. Set the remote control lever to the neutral position and fully close the throttle lever.

Alignment Mark

2. Check that the throttle cam 1 is in its fully close position and the alignment mark a is between the alignment mark b.

3. Check that the set pin c is in the center of the shift bracket and aligned with the alignment mark d on the bracket.

Alignment Mark Bracket

The shift/throttle cable joint must be screwed in a minimum of 8.0 mm (0.31 in) e.