If Unit does not Function

If the motor does not start when both triggers are pressed, make sure

1. The battery is properly connected.

2. The battery is fully charged.

3. The master switch is in the “On” position.

4. There is no water in the battery compartment.

Blocked Propeller

If the Propeller becomes blocked first try and remove the obstruction by removing the front grille. If this is not possible the back grille and Propeller can be removed.

Under normal use the grilles must not be removed.

Removing the front grille to remove an obstruction.

1. Remove the SEASCOOTER from the water.

2. Make sure the master switch is in the Off position.

3. Insert a screw driver as shown in figure  to remove the two grille pins.

Seascooter Screw Driver
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4. Unclip grille as shown in figure.

Unclip grille
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5. Remove obstruction.

6. Reassemble grille and insert clips.

Removing Rear Grille and Propeller to Remove Obstruction

1. Remove the SEASCOOTER™ from the water.

2. Make sure the master switch is off.

3. Remove the battery.

4. Unscrew the six rear grille screws.

Unscrews Grille
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5. Whilst holding the Propeller, use an M6 socket to remove the nut from the Propeller shaft.

Holding the Propeller
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6. Slide the Propeller off the shaft, taking care not to loose the drive pin or washers.

7. Remove the blockage from the Propeller.

8. Replace the drive pin (if removed), see figure 18, and Propeller. Turn the Propeller slowly until you locate the pin and push the Propeller fully on.

Propeller fully on
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9. Replace the washer(s) and nut and tighten with the socket whilst holding the Propeller making sure it is securely fastened.

Replace the washer
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10. Replace the grille.

11. Replace the battery

Sand or Grit on Seals

Sand or grit is the enemy of seals. Correct maintenance and care is essential. To remove sand or grit from the seals, rinse the seals in fresh water and apply fresh lubricant. If there is sand inside the Battery Housing, gently brush the sand from the unit taking care not to scratch the sealing surfaces.

Accidental Flooding

Be sure to keep the seals sand and grit free to ensure they keep water out and to close the vent plug after accessing the battery chamber. However, should the seals not be clean or the vent plug left open and water enter the battery chamber, your Seascooter will not be damaged as it is designed for protection against accidental flooding.

If water enters the battery chamber:

1. Remove the SEASCOOTER™ from the water if it is safe to do so. Always observe safe diving practice.

2. Remove nose cone and tip out excess water.

3. Wait two minutes for any gases to dissipate, then remove the battery.

4. If salt water has entered, rinse battery and battery housing with fresh water.

5. Dry housing and battery thoroughly.