1. Always ensure that the Master Switch is Off – see figure.


2. Always ensure that the  SEASCOOTER™ is out of the water, dry and placed in a dry area.

3. Give a half turn to the Latches and remove them from the Nose Cone as shown in figure.

Control Chamber

4. Remove the Outer Nose Cone and Buoyancy Control Chamber.

5. Open the Vent by unscrewing the Vent Plug.

6. Remove the Inner Nose Cone. To do this, first feed the silicone ring (provided with this manual) through the latch holes in the Inner Nose Cone and hook over the hooks on the Battery Housing (see figure). Then screw the Pump Nozzle onto the Vent Hole and pump air into the Battery Chamber until the Inner Nose Cone pops off and then remove the silicone ring.

7. Allow two minutes for any gasses to dissipate.

8. Unplug the battery at the socket by pressing the locking feature shown in figure.

housing cable

9.Remove the flat battery. remove the cables from the flat battery and fix them to the charged battery.

10. Install and connect the charged battery in the correct position – the leads of the battery must be oriented as shown on the sticker on the battery, see figureStandard battery

11. Make sure the seals and sealing surfaces are clean and lubricated before replacing the Inner Nose Cone. See fig

Inner nose cone


12. Replace the Inner Nose Cone making sure the key is aligned correctly. See figOuter Nose Cone

13. Ensure the Vent O Ring is fitted correctly. See fig. Vent O Ring

14.  Screw in the Vent Plug to seal the vent.

15. Replace the Buoyancy Control Chamber.

16. Replace the Outer Nose Cone making sure the key is aligned correctly and insert the Latches and lock the Nose Cone by giving them a half turn. See fig

Insert the Latches