• USE CARE when transporting fuel tank, whether in a boat.
  • DO NOT fill fuel container to maximum capacity. Gasoline will expand considerably as it warms up and can build up pressure in the fuel container. This can cause fuel leakage and a potential fire hazard.


Leaking fuel is a fire hazard. When transporting and storing the outboard motor, close the fuel cock to prevent fuel from leaking. Never get under the engine while it is tilted. Severe injury could occur if the outboard motor accidentally falls.


Do not use the tilt support lever or knob when trailering the boat. the outboard motor could shake loose from the tilt support and fall. If the motor cannot be trailered in the normal running position, use an additional support device to secure it in the tilt position.


The outboard motor should be trailered and stored in the normal running position. If there is insufficient road clearance in this position then trailer the outboard motor in the tilt position using a motor support device such as a transom saver bar. Consult your Yamaha dealer for further details.


Clamp Screw Mounting Models

When transporting or storing the outboard motor while removed from a boat, keep the outboard motor in the attitude shown.mounting models

Place a towel or something similar under the outboard motor to protect it from damage.