Thoroughly clean and flush the outboard motor with fresh water after operating in dirty or salty water.Wash plug

Flush Kit (optional part)Flush Kit Coupler

1.  Wash the outside of the outboard motor with clean, fresh water.

2.  Remove the wash plug and sealing washer from the WASH plug hole in the gear case. Be sure not to remove the oil level plug from the OIL LEVEL plug hole in the gear case.

Keep children and pets away from the area, and stay clear of all moving parts during this procedure.

3.  Remove the sealing washer from the wash plug and install the sealing washer on the flush kit coupler.

4.  Install the flush kit coupler into the WASH plug hole and connect a fresh water hose to the flush kit coupler.

5.  Move the gear-shift lever or control lever to the N (neutral) position. Blush the outboard motor in the neutral position only.

6.  Turn on the fresh water supply to the flush kit coupler.

Running the outboard motor without sufficient cooling water will damage the water pump and overheat the engine.Cooling System Indicator

7.  Start the engine. Monitor the cooling system indicator. Stop the engine if water does not come out of the cooling system indicator and check the fresh water supply. If the fresh water supply is insufficient it may be necessary to temporarily cover the three water intakes with duct tape.Tape

8. Allow the engine to run at idle for at least 5 minutes to clean the inside of the motor.

9. Stop the motor and remove the flush kit coupler.

10. Remove the sealing washer from the flush kit coupler and install the sealing washer on the wash plug. If tape was used to cover the three water intakes in step 7, remove the tape now.

11. Install the wash plug into the gear case securely.