Bennett trim tabs most often attach to the bottom edge of the transom (although other mounting variations are available). When the helm control is pressed, the trim tabs move into position. Water-force on the trim tab creates upward pressure, raising the stern and lowering the bow. Properly sized trim tabs improve the performance of your boat in a wide range of weight, weather and water conditions.

In general, trim tabs operate in reverse of what you may think (Figure 1). The port (left) trim tab controls the starboard (right)Pitch correction bow. Conversely, the starboard (right) trim tab controls the port (left) bow. The helm control is wired so that all you have to do is press the control in the direction you want the bow to move. Don’t worry about which trim tab is moving. The proper use of Bennett Trim Tabs becomes second nature after a short time.







When the port tab is lowered individually, an upward force at the port stern of the boat is created. The inverse applies when lowering the stbd. tab individually.Roll Correction